Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Donkee House's Shop

Today I  am  featuring  a  shop  by  the  name of  Donkee  House.   She is located in Queens, NY.  Her website is  http://www.etsy.com/shop/DonkeeHouse.  She has been a member of Etsy since January 02, 2010.  Her speciality is a selection of fabrics (vintage and new), vintage clothing for women, vintage home accessories, crafting supplies, and authentic coffee sacks.  As you can see, she carries alot of different items.  I wish that I could list them all.

One item that I think is beautiful is this Vintage Pair of Cameos - Cream on Mint Green.  She says that the size is 30mm x 40mm.

Another item that caught my eye is this gold dust on black knit fabric.  It's definately from way back but I'm sure that you can find something to use this with. Like maybe a flashy evening dress?  Or a nice clutch purse.  The size is 21" x 58".

Then this burlap african blend coffee sack or coffee bag.  It's really neat seeing something like this.
Check out her shop and see all the different items she has.  She has many different fabrics that she carries.  She also carries yarns, trims, and buttons, just to name a few.

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