Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weyakin Designs' Shop

Today I am featuring a shop by the name of Weyakin Designs.  Her website is and she is located in WMass, Northampton, Greenfield, MA.  She has been a member of Etsy since December 31, 2007.  Weyakin Designs carries a variety of items including mystical jewelry, herbal heat packs, cloaks, tarot/dice bags, art prints and more.

One piece that I REALLY love is this Queen of the Night Circlet, gothic vampire/faerie head chain with silver bat and hematite.  If I was younger, this would be mine.  haha

Another piece that I think is beautiful is this Wolf Song necklace on a beaded chain with lavender beads and moons.  This would look great on a loved one and would become an heirloom.
Then she also carries these eye pillows.   This one is made out of  Emperor Penguin print flannel.  You can use these cold or hot.
I wish that I could list everything she has in her shop because all of it is wonderful.  Check it out yourself.  I f I personally had enough money, I would buy her out.  She's that good.

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring me! I'm honored. :-)


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