Saturday, February 20, 2010

Auberrygirl's Shop

The shop that I have decided to feature today goes by the name of Auberrygirl.  Her website is  She is located Auberry, CA and has been a member of Etsy since July 04, 2008.  Auberrygirl specializes in making jewelry and other items out of glass.  She incorporates nature into her work.

One piece that I really like is this disk called Lone Wildflower to the right.  This is a 2 inch paperweight.  She says that the little flower in the center grows on the hillside of her home in the spring.

Another piece that I like is this
 pendant.  She says that it captures rays of light shining through a prism onto one of her walls during the late afternoon.  This is the picture to the left.

Then to the right again is a magenta sunset bubble ring.  Isn't it just awesome?  She says that each glass round is almost 3/4 inch across in diameter.  She also says that the ring is adjustable to almost any size and is silver plated.

Auberrygirl's shop has alot more items in her shop than what I have even touched.  Check out her shop and you will see what I mean. 

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