Saturday, December 11, 2010

Changing Accounts Is For The Birds

I'm starting over with a new twitter page.  Unfortunately, when Hotmail got hacked, I did too.  I had to completely shut down my Hotmail account and reestablish my emails and passwords for both of my websites.  I had to change all my email addresses on all of my other type accounts also.  This took me the better part of, what, 4 days now?  I'm still trying to remember all of the websites that I have subscribed to with my old email account.  Do you know how many websites, blogs, twitters, and anything else you have sent emails to that you now have to contact to change over to another email account?  Oh, and you can't forget Facebook.  Most people only have one, maybe two, Facebook accounts.  Me?  I have FOUR.  I still have tons to find, or find out about by accident, because not only did I have to change all my email accounts just to get access to my Artfire accounts, I had to completely reformat my computer.  I almost cried to know that I had, and still have all this work ahead of me.  If I hadn't saved 95% of my pictures and everything else, I would have been in tears.  So, here I am, letting everyone know how important it is to save everything you have on an external drive or what ever means you have.  You never know when a big company like Hotmail will get hacked again and cause you more headache than heartache.

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