Friday, September 17, 2010

Superior Agates's Shop

Ok, I think I'm back on track now.  Today I am going to feature a shop that goes out of her way to mention different shops.  She Tweets, has a Facebook page where she is always talking about the other shops whether they are on Etsy, Zibbet, Artfire, or any other website, and she even has a blog where I have read where she has mentioned different shops.  This wonderful lady, during her busy day of creating some beautiful designs that I will show in a bit, still makes time for others.  This shop is Superior Agates.  Her website is  She has been a member on Etsy since Jan 09, 2010 and is located in Minnesota. I decided that I'm going to change things around for her and share her beautiful creations with others for a change.  She has shared many times with us that she finds her Agates everywhere.  She said one day that someone as digging (I can't remember the reason, I apologize) and she was so excited that she was going to go "Agate Hunting".

This beautiful pendant is my favorite.  She has named it
 "Sterling Silver Malachite Gemstone Pendant".  She said that the Malachite stone measures 1" x .75" (25x19mm).  She does the wire wrapping herself.  She even has directions of how to wire wrap, along with other techniques, on her blog.  This is the most beautiful pendant that I have seen.

My second favorite piece is this "Designer Handmade Cabochon Lake Superior Agate Semi Precious Gemstone Pendant".  Look at the wire the way she has wrapped this gorgeous gemstone.  Now that is perfection.  The Agate measures 1.25" x .75" (31x19mm).  She says that this Agate is wire wrapped in pure .925 sterling silver wire.  In her description she says that this is the "Stone of Taurus and Capricorns to sensitize and strengthen willpower."

This piece really shows the perfection of her wire wrapping.  She has this piece named "Handmade Brass Wire Cross Pendant".  Take a minute and REALLY look at the wire.  I have looked at this piece many times and I can not find any imperfection at all.  

This lady is amazing.  You really have to check out her shop.  There is no way that I can post all the different items she makes.  I will tell you this.  When you check out her shop, make sure you have some time.  You will want to see every piece, I can almost guarantee that.

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