Wednesday, May 19, 2010

bflydesigns777's shop

Today I am featuring a shop that is real interesting.  The shop's name is bflydesigns777.  She is located in Denver and has been a member of Etsy since November 18, 2008.  She specializes in making jewelry out of real butterfly wings.  Now I know what you are thinking because I thought the same thing.  Does she kill these butterflies for their wings or does she pick them up off the road?  Well, she does neither.  She answered this question for me while I was in a chat room with her.  This is what she told me (and it's also in the introduction to her shop) "We acquire our wings only through butterfly farms around the world and do NOT participate in harming any living beautiful butterflies."  Now I really felt like a fool because I actually was thinking that she did harm to these beautiful creatures.  I was so embarressed when she told me but then again, I was also relieved to know that these butterflies lived their lives to the fullest.  Her website is

Now to show you what beautiful artwork she makes with the wings AFTER these critters have passed on to greener pastures. 

First are these earrings made using the wings of a Lyssa (Hindwing).  They are just beautiful.

Another example of her extraordinary work is this pendant made with the "Wings of the Callicore Cinosura butterfly with its Origin from Peruvian Amazon."

Then she has this ring that is made using the wings of a "URANIA RIPHEUS BUTTERFLY."
She has many others to choose from.  She really does beautiful work as you can see from the photos above.  I really recommend that you take the time and look at each item in her shop.  You can learn alot from her and not just that she makes jewelry.  She has the history of each type butterfly and where they come from.  I actually took the time while writing this blog and read several of the descriptions.  She is very knowledgeable along with a wonderful artist.


  1. Very nice...I will be checking out her shop since the butterfly is my chosen symbol for "freedom from pain" I love her rings, can't wait to see more. Thank you for featuring her! I am also now following your blog!

    my blog link is: if you are interested...Thanks again!

  2. These are just incredible! I have never seen jewelry (or anything for that matter) made with Butterfly Wings...WOW!

    Please come by and 'Follow' me on my blog if you get a chance here

    Handmade Jewelry Haven

  3. Thank you all for your wonderful comments. I am now following your blogs as well. I'm getting started again featuring different shops. I had a lot going to the last couple of months but I'm back now. Again, thank you and tell your friends about this shop and my blog as well.


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