Thursday, April 1, 2010

Another Public Thank You to WGS Candle Co.

I received a gift today in the mail from another shop that I had featured.   She at first had offered a discount on any item in her shop that I liked.  I was going to take her up on it when I got paid.  However, during chat in one of the chat rooms on Etsy, she found out that I was an ex police officer.  We talked about my job and how much I missed it and all.  She then asked what item it was that I was wanting to get at the first of the month.   I told her and she said that because she wanted to thank me for featuring her shop in my blog, she also wanted to thank me for the job I did on the police force.  I didn't live in her city but she still wanted to thank me.  Well, now it's my turn to thank her.  This shop is WGSCandleCo.  She is a very special lady and I wanted to tell everyone what she has done.  I didn't ask for anything for featuring her shop nor doing a job that I really loved.  I highly recommend her products to anyone that likes candles.  She does excellant work.  I fully plan on future purchases from her shop and will recommend her to everyone I know.

Thank you again,

Tina Sanchez

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