Tuesday, March 23, 2010

WGS Candle Co.'s Shop

Today I am featuring a shop by the name of WGS Candle Co.  Her website is http://www.etsy.com/shop/WGSCandleCo.  She is located in Manchester, New Hampshire and has been a member of Etsy since December 08, 2009.  I bet you can guess what she specializes in by looking at the name of her shop.

One type of candle that I found interesting is this Chakra Novena/Prayer Candle.  The picture on the front is her very own watercolor design.  It is her 7-Day Novena candle line.  She says that "these are completely natural soy candles with totally cruelty and petroleum free materials and methods!"  The 7 Chakras are Sahasrara: The Crown Chakra, Ajna: The Brow Chakra or Third Eye Chakra, Vishuddha: The Throat Chakra, Anahata: The Heart Chakra, Manipura: The Solar Plexus Chakra, Svadhisthana: The Sacral Chakra, and Muladhara: The Base Chakra.  If you want just white, she doesn't charge any extra.

Then she also carries candles in shot glass like this Las Vegas, Nevada, the Sin City.  It is a unique shot glass candle.  She says that you have a choice of candle to put into this shot glass.  She also has many different shot glasses to choose from including Overseas.

Then she has these shot glass candle refills.  These in particular are the Cool Citrus Basil refills.  She has quite a few to choose from.
So check out her shop.  She has many other items in her shop also.  I think you will find one that you really like.

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