Monday, March 8, 2010

Ivy Keep's Shop

Today I am featuring a shop by the name of Ivy Keep.  Her website is  She is located in St Catharines, Toronto, Niagara Falls, Welland, Fonthill, Hamilton.  She has been a member of Etsy since November 06, 2006.  Ivy Keep specializes in loose leaf flavored teas of all flavors.

One of my favorites is this 2 oz - CHOCO-LA-TEA CHAI - Chai Blend.  I bet this tastes real good, especially on these cool nights.
Another one that looks interesting to me is this 2 oz - VANILLA DREAM - South African ROOIBOS.  I bet you are asking the same thing that I am.  What is Rooibos?  Ivy Keep states "Rooibos (most common pronunciation: Roy-boss) is an herbal "tea" derived from the South Africian Red Bush (Aspalathus linearis) plant. It has a unique red colour and a sweet, slightly nutty taste. It is often enjoyed with milk and a bit of sugar."  Did that answer your question?

Then there is this 2 oz - BUBBLE GUM YUM - Gourmet FRUIT and HERB Tisane Tea.  Again, are you wondering what Tisane is like I am?  Ivy Keep states "A herbal tea, sometimes known as a Tisane, is an infusion made from any plant other than the tea plant, or Camellia Sinensis. This separates them from flavoured tea, where the plant or flower is added to the tea leaf. Made from dried fruit, seeds and flowers, the different variates of herbal tea are practically limitless, and many have added health properties."

Ivy Keep has more wonderful blends that you should try.  So check out her shop and, well, go shopping.

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