Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Heather Mitchell Draws Shop

Today I am featuring a shop that takes photos and draws them with exceptional flawlessness.  This shop is Heather Mitchell Draws.  Her website is HeatherMitchellDraws.etsy.com. She is located in Pensacola, FL and has been a member of Etsy since November 30, 2009.  Take a look at these wonderful drawings and I guarantee that you will be looking for heirloom photos for her to draw for you.

The picture to the right is of a dog that shows great detail.  Don't you just love this drawing?  I sure do.

The next photo is of a little girl.  Look at the details in this drawing.  Did you notice the eyes or the earrings?  Just fabulous.
Then of course this photo is of a service man.  Check out the detail in the cap. 

I really can appreciate the work that goes into the artistry of this shop.  She says that she can except emails of the pictures so that you won't have to mail the photos and take a chance of the post office losing them or accidentally getting destroyed.  Check out her shop, it's just unbelievable what she can do.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful portraits! Heather is so talented!


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